The Employers’ Associations present at their Council, held on November,16th, 2016 at the occasion of the High Level Business Summit (HLBS) in Marrakech, created a network called Marrakech Business Action For Climate –  MBA 4 Climate .
The MBA4CLIMATE consists of 47 employers' associations that signed the joint "Marrakech Declaration".  this network aims to create synergy and permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences between private sectors in order to achieve their commitments to:
Support governments and all other stakeholders in the implementation of the Paris Agreement;
Promote the emergence of a new low carbon economy, resilient to Climate Change.
The participants invited CGEM to set up the MBA 4 Climate network with the support of the BizMEF (Major Economies Business Forum on Energy Security and Climate Change). 
This network is open to all other employers’ associations that didn’t attend the fisrt meeting.
Click here to download the program
A meeting of the members of the MBA4 Climate, devoted to the adoption of the Network’s modus operandi and of a first joint action plan for 2017, will be held on the sidelines of the “Moroccan Business for Climate forum”, on July 6th, 2017.


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